How about a Solar-Powered iPhone 6 Battery Case?

That's right! This "Solar-Powered iPhone 6 Battery Case" has just been released by "Thanko", a shop in Tokyo's tech hub - Akihabara. It's definitely a solar romance for those with iPhone 6 smartphones out there.

Solar-Powered iPhone 6 Battery Case

The said product was featured in Akihabara News on August 21 (Fri).

The Solar-Powered iPhone 6 Battery Case offers plug-in charging, and "fold-out solar panels that deliver a 22.4% peak efficiency rating", Akihabara News mentioned.
The solar panels are capable of fully charging the case in about 5 hours. All you need is access to that giant nuclear fireball in the sky.
For the on-the-go individuals with limited access to an outlet, this one of a kind case is surely a lifesaver.

Notably, a fully charged case can fully charge an iPhone 6 in about two hours. An excellent pump for the already nice battery life for the said iPhone unit, right?

Specs of the Solar-Powered iPhone 6 Battery Case:

Dimensions: Width 78.4 × depth 17.5 × height 159.77 (mm)
Model Compatibility: iPhone 6 only
Battery: 2500mAh / 9.25W, lithium polymer
Solar Conversion Efficiency: 22.4%
Weight: 150g
Includes: Body, charging cable, earphone adapter, Japanese manual
Price: ¥9,800 (~$80)


Solar-Powered iPhone 6 Battery Case

Solar-Powered iPhone 6 Battery Case

For now, you can buy the said accessory via Amazon. Just use these search key phrases: "RAREMONOSHOP by Thanko Inc. Storefront".

Alternatively, if you got friends or relatives who are now in Tokyo, you may request them to buy you one.

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