FEATURED STORY: Waiters or resto staff may take bites off your take out foods

Beware if you have the habit of asking a food establishment staff or waiters to pack a take-home, out of your leftover foods! Things might just turn disgusting before your know it.
take out food scandal
Image: simpleetiquette.blogspot.com
When dining outside your home, you actually dedicate certain level of trust and confidence on your chosen restaurant. While in there, ready to munch on whatever is to be put on your table, you lay down your faith to the fact that everything is going to be safe and perfect, or excellent the least.

The same goes when you ask a waiter to pack your leftovers as take out. If they are not being handled in front of you, or at least in a place within your sight, things could get screwed along the way.

As one of the readers of the story that we stumbled today, she even found a strand of pubic hair inside the food she asked to be packed.

Our reference incident happened over the weekend. A blogger found out later at home that his take-out box's content was somewhat suspicious. It looked a lot lesser compared to when it was not yet packed. There was still a lot of meats then, the blogger said.

"..the meaty dish left us a few meat slices and a big bone.", he added.

Although, the restaurant and the meat dish were not named specifically, the blogger wondered if the waiters or restaurant staff kind of took a bite or so from his supposed food to dine on at home. (Full story)

From a personal experience, another commenter on the reference story shared that, in order to avoid such an anomaly, she usually asks for a container and pack the food by herself.

Did you have similar experiences?

What can you advise?

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