Aviastar Plane Crash News: Indonesian rescuers recover bodies

A DHC-6 Twin Otter plane operated by a regional airline Aviastar had crashed last week. As per reports, the aircraft was carrying 10 passengers - three crew members and seven passengers, including three children.

Aviastar plane crash

After days of going through the crash location, Indonesian rescuers found the wreckage in a remote area in the island of Sulawesi, NY Times wrote on Tuesday.

According to Senior Commissioner F. Barung Mangera, a spokesman for the South and West Sulawesi Police, four bodies had been found so far.

The authorities are still unsure whether all 10 people on the plane died.

In the account of Petrus Budi Prasetyo, an official from Aviastar, the plane had just taken off for its short flight from Masamba to Makassar when it crashed.

Masamba is a small town in the province of South Sulawesi; Makassar is the provincial capital.

The cause of the crash has not yet been determined, Aviastar told reporters.

Notably, there had been similar aviation incidents in Indonesia in the past.

For one, sometime in August this year, an Indonesian plane carrying 54 passengers crashed in a remote region in Papua.

READ: Indonesian plane with 54 on board crashed in remote Papua region

In the words of Kurt Mastrovich, a pilot who has years of flying Indonesia, one of the causes of the country's aviation issue is that, it's regulation is "very underresourced [under resourced]."

"..they haven’t been able to create or evaluate a lot of the routes that have been created.. So a lot of the companies tend to go through their own process and evaluate their own routes. So there is a lot that gets missed," Mastrovich added.

Aviastar or PT Aviastar Mandiri is an Indonesian domestic passenger airline based in East Jakarta, Indonesia. It was established by Capt. Sugeng Triyono along with his 4 colleagues on June 12, 2000. The company started as a helicopter charter service provider.

Source: NY Times

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