Clemson Football: Coach Swinney says game was 'BYOG' - bring your own guts

In a post game interview, Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney said, he told his players to "BYOG" or bring you own guts, as that's the thing that only the players can bring by themselves.

Clemson Football update 2015

BYOG seems to be Swinney's new tag line. Nevertheless, it seem to have catapulted his men to dig harder into the game. They beat No. 6 Notre Dame in a 24-22 grudge match in the middle of the pouring rain.
I told them, 'We give you scholarships, we give you stipends and meals and place to live. We give you nice uniforms. I can't give you guts and I can't give you heart.' And tonight, it was BYOG: bring your own guts
Emotional as he was, Swinney finished his interview with a promise - "We're doing the Whip/Nae-Nae tonight!"

Clemson 24, Notre Dame 22

The match had the player of the game awarded to Tigers quarterback Deshaun Watson for his throw for 97 yards. He also completed two touchdown passes.

The next games would be the following:

Notre Dame vs. Navy (10/10)
Clemson vs. Georgia Tech (10/10)

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Source: NCAA

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