Facebook rolls out photo-editing suite that lets you doodle on photos

Facebook is rolling out a photo-editing suite that will let you doodle on photos before publishing it online.
Facebook doodle apps for photos
Image: Facebook

This followed an earlier announcement in June, where Facebook said it will be adding photo manipulation tools to its mobile apps.

With the said tool, a user can scribble on photos, add stickers, apply filters, and also add messages.

As textually illustrated by Venturebeat, an app user just have to select a photo for upload, then tap on the edit button.
From there, choose Doodle from the list of editing tools. You can then drag your finger up and down the color bar to select an ink color, change the size of the pen, and drag your finger across the screen as you doodle on your work.
According to The Verge, this move came after Facebook failed to buy Snapchat app for $3 billion in 2013.

Snapchat has the above-mentioned photo editing feature.

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If you are fond of adding arty bits on your photos on social media, this photo-editing app for Facebook is for you.

Source: Venturebeat, The Verge

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