Joey De Leon hits on hashtag troublemakers on social media

Vetaran actor, comedian and TV presenter Joey De Leon unleashed quite a bunch of Tweets directed at individuals trying to confuse people on social media by using distorted hashtags.

Joey De Leon AlDub tweet

The commotion took on the current fame being enjoyed by "AlDub", a love team in the #KalyeSerye of the noon time show Eat Bulaga.

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Apparently, some netizens tried to twist hashtags on Twitter, perhaps to mock or just divert people from tuning into AlDub's skyrocketing fame.

Here's a series of Tweets posted by Eat Bulaga Joey De Leon.

"Hashtag hoodlums", "Loose Change", "Close Up", and "Rosy (Ro-ze)" for Zero are some of the creative terms used by De Leon.

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What are your takes on this seemingly endless network war?

Source: GMA News

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