Genetically modified salmon declared safe for consumption - U.S. Regulators

Genetically Engineered Salmon / GMO Salmon: A genetically modified salmon has just been declared by the United States regulators as safe for human consumption, however, environmental groups are up in arms due to the project's shady approval.

The altered salmon specie will be the first "transgenic animal" to have ever been considered safe for use as food, in case it gets fully approved - legally.

At the moment, it is still unclear whether it will ever appear on an American dinner plate.

Several environmental groups such as EcoJustice, the Ecology Action Centre and Living Oceans are somewhat questioning the approval procedure used by the federal government over the commercial egg production of the modified salmon.

GMO Salmon

"The government wouldn’t even tell us what they were doing," said Karen Wristen of B.C.-based Living Oceans.

She added:
The thought that we could approve the world’s first genetically modified food animal for commercial production in a modern parliamentary democracy without anyone even knowing is, to me, mind-boggling.
The GMO salmon will be ready for harvest in just the span of 18 months, contrary to the usual three years using conventional farming techniques.

Source: Yahoo! Canada

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