Blogger Reacts to P20M Worth KathNiel Endorsement of Mar Roxas Candidacy

Blogger Meg Bernardo posted her reactions online over the controversial PhP20 million-worth KathNiel endorsement of Mar Roxas' candidacy for President for the 2016 elections.

"KathNiel" is the blended word for the names of two ABS-CBN network artists Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

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Reaction to KathNiel endorsement of mar roxas
Image: Screencap from Meg's Video
Bernardo said, she was kind of turned off upon hearing the news that the love-team endorsed Mar Roxas.

"Not because they are campaigning for Roxas, but because they are using their popularity to influence the young and impressionable.", wrote Bernardo in a post on her blog.

Bernardo also felt bothered by the fact that Kathryn belongs to religious denomination called "Iglesia Ni Cristo" (INC) - a group that is known for its block voting during elections, and that, it is yet to announce who to support in the coming political exercise.

Update: Bernardo, the actress is no longer a member of INC, as claimed by several news articles published sometime in the middle of November.

So the question posed was, is it all just a matter of money?

Here's the video posted by Meg Bernardo on her Youtube channel:

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