China Issues Pollution 'Red Alert'

Dubbed as a "knee-jerk" response to its worsening pollution, China issued its first "red alert" warning on Monday, Financial Times reported.

The fact is, the outrage over China's evidently colossal pollution issue has been widespread.

China's response to the global issue on carbon emissions is "politicized". The country has to deal with its power plants and heavy industries situated in the midst of its wealthy cities in the east.
Beijing pollution red alert
On Tuesday, Beijng registered an official air quality index level of around 200, which is already considered "heavily polluted". Last week, it had more than 600.

According to Shi Lei, an environmental economist at Renmin University in Beijing, the government underestimated the impact of the smog.
The government underestimated the impact of the heavy smog and misjudged the social mood last time.. They now have learnt the lesson and decided to use the strictest standard possible to reduce the impact of smog.
China has the following pollution level labels and description:

"Red Alert" - schools, factories and construction sites are to be closed. The number of cars on the street shall be limited.

"Orange Alert" - children are not allowed to play outside of the school campuses, though they may still attend classes.

Source: The Financial Times

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