Fire hits flat in Hong Kong due to hoverboard explosion

Flat in Hong Kong destroyed after hoverboard explosion!

A flat in the public housing estate in Hong Kong, Choi Hung hit fire Monday after a hoverboard exploded while it is being charged.

The electric scooter, which is also known as "hoverboard" looks more like a Segway. It exploded while its owner was charging it at home.

According to the details shared by the 31-year-old resident identified as Ms. Au, it is with deep regrets that she bought the scooter from shopping district Lo Wu in Shenzhen.

Hoverboard in Choi Hung explosion

Au was expecting the device's battery to be completely charged by about 2 to 3 hours; She plugged it in at around 3 a.m.

To her surprise, at around 5 a.m., the scooter emitted a weird sound. She then decided to pull the plug off suspecting that the battery could be having some issues.

Unfortunately, the hoverboard suddenly exploded and caught fire.

Au's family had to vacate their flat.

Later on, about 200 other residents were asked by the police to leave the building.

According to the findings of Cheung Sing-wai, an electronics engineering professor, the hoverboard bought by Au is somewhat faulty in the first place. The output of its charger is 42 volts, whereas the battery can only take a maximum of 36 volts.

Source: Ejinsight, Apple Daily

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