WATCH: Viral 12-Minute Video That 'Will Put Duterte in Malacañang'

A certain uncut interview video of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with the Philippine Star has been going around the Internet in the past hours; It has been getting quite a lot of attention from the netizens.

According to the video uploader, the said material has been removed by major broadsheets, perhaps due to apprehension of its potential impact to the people. The same is seen to intensify the Davao Mayor's bid for the presidency.

On her Facebook post on December 14, Joanna Allas-Fojas wrote:
DUTERTE PLATFORM and VISION: Philippine Star Interview (UNCUT version they don't want you to see)
Philippine Star deleted this video 1 hour after it went viral and by miracle naiwan pala sa phone ko yung buong video. Noong nalaman ko na inalis yung 12 mins video I recorded it immediately for Filipino People to see. Dito makikita how genuine, sincere and passionate Duterte on changing Philippines. Kung bibigyan lang ng chance we will be a Great Nation again.
Some of the questions thrown at Duterte were the following:

How Will You Fix Our Country If You Get Elected as President
As president, I will enforce the law and I have to instill discipline.
To Sustain Peace We Must Have Progress. How Do You Intend To Improve The Economy To Create Jobs?

Here, Duterte spoke about the vital roles of industrialization in a country. He mentioned about maximization of the local resources / raw materials in order to generate jobs. "I would assure that I will make our economic policies and laws simple, believable, and protect the investments that will come in." the tough talking Duterte said.

Deleted Uncut video of Rodrigo Duterte Interview

On Lowering Food Cost
With regards to this subject, Duterte highlighted the importance of transportation, mobility, and access. He talked about freight and transport cost, so much so, the lack of infrastructures.

"Everybody wants to make a living, some borrow some of their own capital but for the ordinary poor Filipino, he goes to borrow money from the sharks...", Duterte added.

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He also told of his visions pertaining to loans and putting up of food terminals, where people will have the choices of going to the supermarket to buy at a higher price or to the drop points for the lower price.

Duterte On Education
To do this we must promote value education. Our government, TV, radio and mass media ..all the resources should be able to concentrate on educating our children, building character, and we must teach the values of hard work, ethics honesty and cleanliness, self-respect, and the molding of character of self-reliance.
One of His Parting Messages - "Lastly, we must do our work with dignity."

Watch the uncut version of the Duterte's interview below:

Edited version of the video is still up on Philippine Star's Facebook post, dated December 14, 2015.

Source: Facebook, Kicker Daily, Youtube

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Loremuel G. said...

He is the rightful president in our country and people afraid for it because they are criminals.