Theology Student at Pope Francis’ Mass in PH Records an Album

The Psalmist during Pope Francis’ Mass in the Philippines - at the Manila Cathedral last year is now recording an album!

Kenneth Rey Parsad sang the "Responsorial Psalm" during the Pope's mass, plus a few lines from Ed Sheeran's "Lego House".

Kenneth (Kenn) became an Internet sensation almost right after the religious event, because of his good looks and musical prowess.

The recognition he received brought him enormous rewards.

Kenneth Rey Parsad

After completing his Theology degree, roughly about four months after the Pope's visit, Kenn was hired to teach Salvation History and Christian Ethics at his Alma mater.

Because he is still in the "guided regency stage", a state where one is given additional times to contemplate whether or not to pursue pristhood, Kenn is yet to be called as a "Father".

"To decide to be a priest is a very, very tough decision. Wala pa akong 100 percent na decision about that. But what I hope is I will follow whatever God's will is for me. So if He wills for me to be a priest, I will be.", he said in an interview.

Because of his notable charisma and "angelic voice", Kenn was also given the spot to take the road of being a recording artist.

He now has a recording contract with Universal Records. He will be making an album with inspirational songs.

Source: ABS-CBN News

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