South Pole Explorer Henry Worsley Dies in Record Attempt #HenryWorsley

Henry Worsley, a 55-year-old British ex-army officer, and a veteran polar explorer died due to organ failure on Sunday.

Henry's quest ended in a tragic way. He was on an attempt to cross the Antarctic continent solo, unsupported, and unaided using the route suggested by Sir Ernest Shackleton, also a polar explorer who was named as one of the principal figures of the period known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration (1917).

Henry had been on the ice field alone for 71 days. He was able to cover about 913 miles in his journey. Unfortunately, he suffered from severe exhaustion, dehydration, and severe stomach pains, wrote National Geographic.

Explorer Henry Worsley dies attempting Antarctic

He was 30 miles away from his final destination when he called for a rescue.

Henry was aware of the possible dangers and challenges that await him. Before his departure for the said mission, he said:
I know I’m going to suffer for the first few weeks, and I know I’m going to have bad days.. But I’m generally a cup-half-full man, so I’ll grit my teeth and get on with it.
Worsley replied when asked why he wanted to do the perilous trip alone:
On my previous trips I was always part of a team, and so this time I wanted to have the clarity of making all my own decisions. I’ve always sort of lived by the phrase.. Try something you could fail at. We all do things that we can comfortably achieve, but rarely do we set the high bar one notch above what we think we can clear, and that’s what’s driving me on here.
RIP Henry Worsley.

Source: National Geographic, Sydney Morning Herald

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