Chinese Airliner Forced to Land After Finding Rat Running Around the Cabin

A rodent was reportedly found inside the cabin of a Chinese airliner, forcing it to land to take care of the situation, news reports said.

Shortly after the take off of a Loong Air aircraft, the rat was discovered scuttling around.

According to the information shared by the airline through its official microblog, the plane left the eastern city of Hangzhou for the southwestern resort city of Xishuangbanna; A rather unexpected passenger was discovered.

rat inside Loong Air aircraft

Until posting time, officials are still clueless how the animal got into the plane.

It may have come with the airline's meal service, Xinhua News Agency said.

The rat inside the aircraft got people worried. Ultimately, it can damage a plane's electrical systems.

The airline said:
Considering the threat to passenger health posed by the rat and the possibility of endangering flight safety by biting through wires, the captain flew back to port in the best interests of public health and safety
Source: Manila Bulletin

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