Viral 'Carrot Man' Will be on National TV This Sunday (Video)

This week's viral and trending "Carrot Man" who belongs to an Igorot tribe from Kadaclan, Mountain Province, Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) of the Philippines will be on national television, for the first time this coming Sunday.

He will be featured by GMA Network's " Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho)" or "KMJS".

The TV program spent several hours trying to contact the young and hardworking "Carrot Man". The two parties caught up on Wednesday.

Jeyrick Sigmaton Carrot Man on KMJS

According to Jeyrick Sigmaton, he just came from a distant farm, that day when his photos spread online, which eventually got enormous social media likes and shares because of his "overly photogenic" look.

There was no cellular phone signal that time, so he was not able to see what was brewing on social media, Sigmaton told KMJS team.

On KMJS this Sunday, Sigmaton hopes to address the instant fame he has been getting the past days. He would also like to introduce to the public the Igorots' way of living and culture as a whole.

Here are some of the on-site photos shared by Facebook user Richard Bravo:

Jeyrick Sigmaton Carrot Man on KMJS

Jeyrick Sigmaton Carrot Man on KMJS

Jeyrick Sigmaton Carrot Man on KMJS

Here's a clip of Jeyrick Sigmaton's KMJS video interview, uploaded on "AllStar" YouTube channel.

Congratulations "Carrot Man"! This could be your opportunity to show the world that, indeed not all handsome guys are in the show business industry. Although soon, you could be, should you wish to and if the opportunity knocks.

Source: Bugrant, Facebook, YouTube

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