Filipino IT Engineer Makes Anti-theft App For Mobile Phones, It Screams 'Magnanakaw!'

A Filipino IT engineer is on the news highlights again - this week because of the mobile phone app that he created aimed at combating phone theft in the country.

IT engineer Jun Lozada's company Galileo Software developed the mobile app called "Theft Apprehension and Recovery Application" or TARA.

TARA works as a "kill-switch". It will prevent the mobile phones' functioning mechanism from functioning again, Lozada told reporters.

TARA app vs Magnanakaw phone theif

In a video that was uploaded on March 2 on Youtube, it was described that the stolen mobile phone will be rendered useless once the lock command is issued.

To do so, a victim just have to get access to another phone and send the following text message to 5161: "LOCK + Your Number + PIN (of the app)".

The phone will then shout "Magnanakaw! (Thief!)" repeatedly. All of the phone's basic functions such as power and volume buttons will not be working.

Removing and replacing the sim card and battery will not be useful either, Lozada said.

In case, any newly inserted sim cards will be recorded by the central system of the app and will be entered into a watch list.

The facility that we provide allows the users to back up and restore all of their phone's contents, Lozada stressed in a media interview.

In a news article on Manilatimes.Net dated September 7, 2015, Lozada said the service is available to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.
..What I know is that Smart will offer it for P50 per month.
At the moment, the application is only available for Android users. Soon it will be for iPhones.

WATCH: Video of TARA app vs. Mobile Phone Thieves

Source: YouTube, Manila Times, Bandila

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