Solaire Employee Rhem Pedrano Robbed, Shot Dead in Makati

Solaire Resort & Casino employee Rhem Pedrano died after robbers - allegedly riding in tandem shot her to the head after fighting back while she was being robbed.

The incident happened yesterday at around 5am at West Rembo, Makati city.

Rhem Pedrano robbery holdup shot dead

The news broke out on Facebook through the update of netizen named Reinan Pao Iglesia who happens to be a friend of the victim.

The horrifying incident that claimed the life of Miss Pedrano took place just a few blocks from where she lives.

Pedrano's cousing Mr. Kaiser Dabalos also posted about the same on his Facebook account.

The screenshots below show the social media posts of Mr. Iglesia and Mr. Dabalos respectively.

Reinan Pao Iglesia Facebook post on Rhem Pedrano death

Kaiser Dabalos Facebook post on Rhem Pedrano death

Friends and relatives of Miss Pedrano grieved over her sudden demise.

Source: Facebook 1, Facebook 2

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