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Barako Newsline is a product of a two (2) minutes or so concoction in the mind, where the main driving force is to bring in daily sip of news on various topics ranging from sports, technology, entertainment, lifestyle and Internet, including takes on health and current events.

Update: And so it happened, we just got a dot com :) (Sooner or later, this blog will be acquiring its own domain name and of course, a pool of writers in order to solidify the site's intention to bring you the best possible updates on the topics mentioned above).

Stay tuned on Barako Newsline! Many things will be coming up!

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Meanwhile, might as well meet our dedicated authors / contributors and editors.

Saima Mamalo or "Sai" is an AB International Studies graduate. She has been a correspondent for Mindanao Gold Star Daily, a freelance writer online and for local magazines. Sai is also adept at handling documentations for events, training and seminars. She can be reached through [email protected] or via Twitter: @saimallow23

Jun Nakayama was a student at the Tsukuba University, Japan. He belonged to the university's Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, Intelligent Robot Laboratory. Time to time, Jun will be sending in, related articles on technology, more specifically, on his field of expertise - robotics or anything that crawls and flies using electronics. Jun can be reached via [email protected] or via Twitter: @JunNakayama223

*** list under construction, while securing authors' brief information entries ***
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