Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mo Twister criticizes Pacquiao over announcement of fight with Mayweather

DJ Mo Twister slammed boxing champ Manny Pacquiao over announcement of the most awaited fight with American boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Mo Twister vs. Manny Pacquiao

On Twitter posts on February 21 (Sat), Twister said, Manny Pacquiao saying "to God be all the Glory" does not make sense.

Manny Pacquiao announce fight with Mayweather

"..But for Manny to say Glory to God that the fight is on, yet it's a barbaric form of entertainment wherein you hurt humans in exchange for massive wealth, doesn't make sense. You hurt people for a living, to be rich, for pride (ours and yours) so leave shouldn't God be left out of it?", DJ Mo ranted.

Here are the actual Tweets:

Netizens got mixed reactions over the so called "self-righteousness" of Mo.

Some of the comments were:
How bout u just shut up and be happy that the fight is finally on dang u find negativity in everything
stop being so self-righteous, you're becoming like those rich politically correct spoiled brats you often hate. #sellout be not.

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Ikaw naisip nyo din ba ni Rhian (Ramos) ang Diyos habang pina A nyo ang baby nyo?
Both Pacquiao and Twister are still silent about this social media ruckus.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ex-Marine found guilty in 'American Sniper' trial

Accused Eddie Ray Routh was declared guilty as per court pronouncement on Tuesday, Fox News reported.

Eddie Ray Routh verdict

Former Marine Routh was convicted of capital murder; His "life in prison without the possibility of parole" sentence was read by State District Judge Jason Cashon.

The prosecutors could have taken death penalty but they did not do so, in case Routh's camp would submit an appeal later on.

The verdict on Routh was an answer to the prayers of the parents of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the author of "American Sniper," and his friend Chad Littlefield.

"We have waited two years for God to get justice on behalf of our son", Littlefield's mother, Judy said.

Source: Fox News

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fake news headline says Iqbal asked: 'Let my men shoot innocent people'

Fake news headlines are doing some rounds again trying to pollute more the already tainted peace negotiation efforts between the Philippine government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

If you happen to see it, a certain Facebook post has been trying to propagate that MILF chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal allegedly said, "Let my men [to] shoot innocent people until BBL has signed by PNoy".

Here is a screenshot of the said social media post:

fake news headline on BBL

The post is in image format. It is obviously a quick concoction of a propaganda hoping to delude the public into something hateful.

The person who made the material took a screenshot of an original article from Inquirer containing the same photo of Iqbal, then edited the headline and the excerpts. A diligent primary grade student would spot in a flash that the headline and the excerpts were poorly constructed for a national news line to publish.

Take a look at the following observations:

fake news headline on Iqbal

"Let my men to shoot" ?
"until BBL has signed" ?
"January 25" - The original Inquirer article has "January 25 fighting"

Here is the original article from Inquirer. (Link:

fake news headline on BBL inquirer

The BBL is a national security concern of the Philippine government. A sincere dreamer of peace would think twice or maybe more before engaging in activities such as sharing maliciously fabricated news information and the like.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

VIRAL: Video of unborn baby playing inside mother's tummy

Did it ever cross your mind that unborn babies do actually play inside their mother's wombs? Well, they do, as shown in this Youtube video that was uploaded sometime in 2010.

baby plays inside mothers tummy

Seeing the baby jumping and moving around inside her mommy's tummy is both cute and powerful message of life at the same time.

According to the mother of the baby, the video was taken during one of her ultrasound sessions - somewhere between 8-12 weeks of her pregnancy.

"I think I was somewhere between 8-12 weeks pregnant because I could not feel her movements. If it wasn’t for the sono, I would not believe it. Thank you, as well. She’s an absolute joy.", then expectant mother Sherine Gayle-Slater said.

Watch the video:

Source: Life News, Youtube