Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Typhoon Inday news: After Henry, TD Inday comes

Typhoon Inday is predicted to enter the Philippine  area of responsibility (PAR), either on Friday or Saturday, weather updates from PAGASA say.

Typhoon Inday weather updates

It is predicted that weather disturbance Inday will bring continuous rains over Luzon and portions of the Visayas regions.

Typhoon Henry is now headed to Taiwan, however Batanes islands of the Philippines are still under storm warning signal No. 2. Meanwhile, northernmost Babuyan and Calayan groups of islands are under Storm signal No. 1.

As per latest weather news and updates from PAGASA, Inday was spotted outside PAR, about 1,300 kilometers east of the Visayas.

Should it finally hit the country, Typhoon Inday will be the 9th for the Philippines this year.

Steps to claim your 'Last Home Stand' refunds

Here's how to claim your refunds for your 'Last Home Stand' tickets!

Last Home Stand Refund

'Last Home Stand' is the supposed and highly hyped exhibition basketball game at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, featuring a match between Gilas Pilipinas and guest NBA players.

The game was cancelled due to restriction matters towards the NBA Players. Hence, what happened was just an 'open practice with drills'.

According to PLDT, there are two ways to claim the 'Last Home Stand' refunds, as listed below:

1. Calling hotline numbers (836-5818, 836-5890, 836-5819) - beginning today at 9AM

2. Via text message to 0919-614-0865 or e-mail to containing the following information:
  • Full Name
  • Ticket Number (located at the left portion of the ticket, below the seat number)
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail address 
For more information regarding the refund procedures, go to PLDT HOME's official Facebook page:

The cancellation of the said game brought utmost disappointment to basketball fans around the country, specially those who went out of their way to buy expensive tickets and travel quite far just to witness the supposed well-anticipated exhibition game between Gilas Pilipinas and selected NBA Players.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

READ: PLDT 'Deliberately keeps Internet traffic slow and more expensive' in the Philippines

PLDT or Philippine Long Distance Telephone is known as the 'largest telecommunications company in the Philippines. Among its wide range of services is Internet connection.

In the Philippines, PLDT serves quite a huge proportion of the population in terms telephony and television media.

But recently, we stumbled upon a post getting rounds on Reddit taking on PLDT's Internet service subscribers' complaints - 'Slow and Expensive Internet Traffic'.

Hence, the address 'How PLDT Deliberately Keeps Local Internet Traffic Slow and More Expensive In Philippines' by vlodia (

The article cited at least two problems related to PLDT, as listed below:

1. 'PLDT Doesn’t Want To Share Its Traffic Through Peers Via Unified IX'

PLDT Slow and Expensive Internet Traffic

2. 'PLDT Thinks It’s The Backbone'

PLDT Slow and Expensive Internet Traffic

Here's a PLDT spokesperson's response:
South Korean Internet users largely access content written in the South Korean language as well as for internet users in other major Asian markets like China, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. 
That is principally why Internet traffic in these countries are largely domestic. In the case of the Philippines, we are fluent in English and are thus oriented towards overseas Internet content
Because of that, in the case of the Philippines, domestic peering will not address complaints of slow Internet speed
Are the problems fixable? Are other telecom networks aware of the said phenomenon? Read on with the author's on point ramblings with clear references on the side.

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Montreal-area community Mayor dies due to wasps sting

Montreal-area community Mayor Lucie Roussel died on Sunday due to multiple wasp stings, Yahoo Canada reported on Tuesday.

Lucie Roussel passed away in a hospital.

She was 51.

While doing her garden in Stratford, Roussel succumbed to wasps sting.

Roussel was survived by her children Constance, 18, and Antonin, 18. (Source)